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high voltage wire

High-voltage wires are defined by their ratings of at least 1000V for alternating currents and 1500V for direct currents. Typically, these types of wires are used for electrical power transmissions due to their ability to handle high currents, both with alternating current (AD) and direct current (DC) power transmissions.

High-voltage cables are typically coaxial cables or hook-up and lead wire since applications that use these cables have high currents. High-voltage cables are also available as power cables and are commonly used in industrial, aerospace, or marine applications.

Our Custom High-Voltage Wire Solution

One customer in the electrical power industry approached our custom cable experts because a high-voltage cable they had used previously was no longer being manufactured. Allied Wire and Cable was able to provide this customer with a replica of the cable they needed by designing a custom cable.

This cable needed to be rated to 10kV, so it was crucial proper materials were chosen. The conductor was made from silver-plated copper. Silver has superior electrical properties, and plating the conductor with it gave the cable a higher maximum temperature rating.

Silicone rubber was selected for the insulation. Silicone rubber is often used in high-voltage wires since it also has strong electrical properties and heat resistance. Silicone rubber also helps protect the cable against oxidation, oil, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions found in outdoor environments.

With Allied Wire and Cable’s help, our customer was able to get the exact high-voltage wire they needed when they thought it was gone for good. If you need help finding wire and cable or need something specially designed for your next application, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to speak with a custom cable expert.