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custom rf cable

Radio Frequency connectors, commonly referred to as RF cables, are often used with coaxial cables to submit radio signals. Often used in trans-communication applications, they are also used for many other industries. They are designed to be durable, tear-resistant, and have a wide range of functions. RF Cables are also used in wireless applications and are relatively low-loss. They are easily identified when compared to other coaxial cables due to the connector on each end that features a single-threaded piece of metal. However, sometimes a standard RF and Coaxial cable won't meet needed Military-specifications, so a custom cable assembly is needed.

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Our Custom RF Cable Solution

Oftentimes, RF cables are used in military applications and need to meet special requirements. Allied Wire and Cable was approached by the military to design a custom RF cable for an application that was used to help soldiers detect IEDs.

In this application, the RF cable would run from a device encased in the soldiers’ helmets and then down through their uniforms. Since the RF cable was getting worn by soldiers in demanding environments, it needed to be small, lightweight, and abrasion and moisture resistant. Unlike other semi-rigid coax cables, this custom cable needed to be extremely flexible. Not only did this 50-ohm cable use radio frequency connectors, but signal and data cables also needed to be included. Because of this, we knew this application required a custom coaxial cable assembly.

An Allied Wire and Cable sales representative worked closely with military engineers to make this custom RF cable. Since the cable needed to be small to remain hidden in a soldier’s uniform and tough enough to withstand the challenge of its environment, it was clear only a custom cable would work. We were able to create a coaxial cable assembly that met military specifications while combining all of the functions under one cable jacket.

Allied Wire and Cable is a proud supplier and manufacturer of custom Mil-Spec and Coax Cables. Our extensive stock of coax cables features low loss LMR cables and the popular 53-ohm RG 58 coax. Do you need a popular coaxial cable customized to meet your specific needs? Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or contact us today!

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Send us more specifications for your custom RF Cable using our Create-a-Cable form in our custom cable design center. 

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