Allied Wire and Cable carries a full assortment of bare copper and tinned copper MTW/TEW wire. Our bare copper TEW (thermoplastic equipment wire) wire is ideal for use as general-purpose hook-up wire in applications that need MTW (Machine Tool Wire) wire. Our tinned copper MTW wire has high corrosion resistance and is ideal for use in high-demand applications.

MTW and TEW both have PVC insulation. The main difference between these two types of wires is the conductor. TEW typically has a bare copper conductor, while MTW wire has a tinned copper conductor. However, the bare copper version of these wires is labeled as both TEW/MTW since it is suitable for use in applications for both wires. However, it is important to remember that the tinned copper version does have a decreased efficiency in humid or high heat environments.

Common applications for machine tool wire include switchboards, appliances, electronic circuits, control cabinets, and appliance wiring. These wires pass the VW-1 flame test and meet UL AWM styles 1283, 1284, and 1028 respectively. The PVC insulation in these hook-up wires also provides resistance to moisture, heat, and oil. Our selection of bare copper and tinned copper wires presents the best wire options for every function. Both wires are also CSA approved and have voltage ratings of 600V. Not only do they share the same voltage rating, but all of these wires can function in wiring applications up to 105°C as well.

We also carry a large catalog of Harmonized PVC MTW/TEW Wire that meet UL styles 1015 and 10519. Allied Wire and Cable also offers a wide variety of value-added services for these wires, including striping, printing, and dyeing. Have more questions about hook-up and lead wire? Read our Product FAQ here. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.