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ul awm styles

What is an AWM Style?

AWM stands for “appliance wiring material.” It falls under UL Standard 758 and is a UL Recognized Component used in the manufacture of UL Listed and UL Classified products.

This means that it is UL approved to be included in the production of other items, but that it doesn’t necessarily meet the requirements to be considered “listed” or “classified” as a stand-alone product. Sounds fairly simple, right? Unfortunately, because of the sheer number of styles of AWM available, it is easy for the topic to become very complicated.

Hopefully, our breakdown of the AWM styles will help you out.

AWM Styles

The UL places each variation of AWM into one of five categories. Each category is defined by a number of characteristics, including the number of conductors, whether it includes a jacket, and whether insulation and jacketing is thermoset or thermoplastic.

Here is a breakdown of the UL AWM Styles, what each category means, and a list of some common examples:

  • Section 1 (1000-1999; 10000+) – Single conductor, thermoplastic insulation
  • Section 2 (2000-2999; 20000+) – Multi-conductor, thermoplastic insulation and jacket
  • Section 3 (3000-3999) – Single conductor, thermoset insulation
  • Section 4 (4000-4999) – Multi-conductor, thermoset insulation, and jacket
  • Section 5 (5000-5999) – Single and Multi-conductor specialty products

As you can see, the AWM style categories are much more straightforward than they first appear. Now that you understand how the styles are broken down, you are well on your way to finding the exact AWM you are looking for.