SRML wire is a high-temperature wire that may be used as motor lead wire for hazardous locations. Depending on its conductor size, this wire can be rated to either 150°C or 200°C, but it has an overall voltage rating of 600V. It can also be used as a lead wire for electrical equipment in high-temperature environments. SRML wire performs well where flexibility and fire resistance are important.

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  • SRML-18
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 31
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 11.00
    • AWG Size: 18
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  • SRML-16
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 34
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 17.00
    • AWG Size: 16
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  • SRML-14
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 40
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 23.00
    • AWG Size: 14
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  • SRML-12
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 50
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 32.00
    • AWG Size: 12
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  • SRML-10
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 70
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 53.00
    • AWG Size: 10
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  • SRML-8
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 95
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 92.00
    • AWG Size: 8
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  • SRML-6
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 130
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 133.00
    • AWG Size: 6
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  • SRML-4
    $0.00 / 1000 FT
    • Amps: 180
    • Approx LBS/MFT: 190.00
    • AWG Size: 4
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Additional Information

What is SRML Wire?

SRML wire stands for "Silicone Rubber Motor Lead" wire, and is often used in various industrial settings where flexible wire with high temperature resistance is needed.

What are common applications for SRML Wire?

SRML wire is valued for its flexibility, durability, and heat resistance characteristics. Some common hazardous industrial applications for SRML wire include:

  • The winding of motors and transformers where large amounts of heat are generated.
  • Industrial machinery as lead wire where a flexible wire is needed while being exposed to hazardous and corrosive environments during operation.
  • Wiring used in Ovens and Furnaces.
  • The flexibility and heat resistance of SRML wire makes it a popular choice as wiring in household appliances such as washing machines, stoves, and refrigerators.
  • Although primarily a Motor Lead wire, SRML may be found in other automotive applications where flexibility and heat resistance is required, such as wiring harnesses, or automotive sensors.
  • SRML wire is also a popular choice in the energy industry. SRML wire is commonly used in power generation and distribution equipment, solar panels, wind turbines, and oil and gas industrial equipment.

It is important to note that while SRML wire has excellent flexibility and heat resistance, it may not be the best choice for your specific application or project. If you have any questions around SRML wire, such as compliance regulations or industry standards, please contact us and one of our wire specialists will be happy to talk with you about your next wiring project.

SRML High-Temperature Motor Lead Wire Specifications

SRML Wire Construction:

  • Conductor: Stranded tin-plated annealed copper, conforming to ASTM B-33
  • Insulation: Extruded silicone rubber with overall, non-fraying, fiberglass braid with a glossy high-temperature saturant finish.

SRML Wire Ratings:

  • Conductors with 4 AWG strands or larger are rated at 200°C and those with 6 AWG strands or smaller are rated at 150°C; 6 AWG and 8 AWG rated 150°C UL/ 200°C non-UL
  • UL 3231 200°C, 600 Volts
  • UL 3070 / UL 3278 150°C, 600 Volts

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