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Custom Medical Cable

Medical grade cables are often required to meet many specific requirements and specifications. Since they are used in critical applications, their quality and longevity need to be guaranteed. They also need to be designed for portability, so are often thin and lightweight. There are various kinds of cables that are used in medical applications, including power cables, circuit wiring, and portable cords.

At Allied Wire and Cable, we have a custom cable design process that is helpful for medical cable manufacturers. When it comes to new, specialized equipment and medical devices, an off-the-shelf wire doesn’t always cut it — especially for medical-grade cable assemblies. That's when Allied's custom manufacturing process starts.

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Our Custom Medical Cable Solution

A cable assembly manufacturer approached Allied Wire and Cable with a custom wire design that had to meet many specific approvals. They needed three different types of custom cables: ribbon cables, medical cables, and power cables. While it was a challenge getting these various forms of cable to meet the different requirements, our dedicated sales representative knew we could fulfill their needs.

The medical cable manufacturer’s engineers worked closely with our sales team while designing their custom cables, refining the drawing until the customer received the ideal product for their medical device. Since this medical equipment needed to be moved easily, we decreased the AWG sizes and conductor counts to reduce the overall size and weight. We also used thinner insulation. Since the medical cable’s size was reduced, so were the customer's installation time and production costs. The medical cables were also cut to a certain length and designed with connectors to connect to their power board. This customer was impressed with their high-quality custom cable assembly and its quick turnaround time.

For medical applications, finding the right cable assembly can be difficult. When the stock cable is unable to meet your specialized requirements, Allied Wire and Cable can develop a custom wire or cable tailor-made for your individual application. We've designed numerous custom cable solutions, from medical cables to transit cables to coaxial cables. Start designing your custom cable assembly today! We are a supplier and manufacturer of wire and cable for many different industries, including the medical, military, and aerospace sectors.

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Send us more specifications for your Custom Medical Cable using our Create-a-Cable form in our custom cable design center. 

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