facility upgrade | value added services room

Facility Upgrade | Value Added Services Room


At Allied Wire and Cable, we are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our customers. One way we do that is with a variety of Value Added Services available at our warehouse locations. Recently, the demand for these services has been on the rise, causing Allied to step up to the challenge by upgrading our facilities and optimizing the logistics to better facilitate the needs of our customers. 

Last weekend, our warehouse team took the time to ensure that all machines in the value add room were fully optimized and rearranged them to help with overall flow of the space. Doing this will help with the process of sending out orders with value added services more efficiently and effectively eases the flow of operations from one value add to the next.

Allied Upgrades Value Added Services Room

Value Added Services Offered at Allied

Cut & Strip

To facilitate your manufacturing process, we have the capability of cutting your wire to its needed length and we can also strip the insulation back. Wire stripping and cutting helps to streamline your process while also avoiding waste and saving you time and money.

Ink Jet Printing

Looking for a way to easily identify or customize your wire and cable with your brand? Ink Jet Printing is a non-contact method of printing that marks the cable using dots of ink. Proper labeling will save you time in the installation process. This works well with PVC jackets, but not untreated XLPE or PE.


A variety of wires can be dyed to help facilitate proper identification of existing or custom installations. We are able to color match and dye to meet individual specifications.


The process of adding small strands of steel wire, nylon strands, or glass fibers onto a wire or cable adds additional protection to avoid abrasion in harsh environments. Braiding adds physical strength and abrasion resistance, while maintaining flexibility and flex life.


Cut installation time dramatically by allowing wires to lay well together and easier to work with by letting us twist them for you. Twisting entwines multiple single conductor wires together and arranges them tightly next to each other facilitating handling and installation.

Drum Packing

Depending on the length and gauge of wire you need, make your wire easy to store and unroll when needed by having us drum package it. Storage capacity of a given drum can be thousands of feet depending on the gauge.


The process of extruding protects and insulates wire in abrasive environments. A thin layer of resin coats the exterior of the wire leading to a wire that will last longer and will save you time and money on future replacements.


Add an important layer of mechanical and electrical protection by allowing Allied to add a tape jacket to your cable in order to have a little extra protection from wear. Through this process you can also group individual wires together, creating a multi-conductor cable. Available in a variety of materials and colors.


Identifying wires quickly and efficiently is a must when dealing with more than 10 individual conductors. With wire striping, cable identification becomes simpler and keeps your application organized, saving you time when locating wires during installation and maintenance.