Unity in Pink: AWC's Betty Campaign 2023 Recap!


In a vibrant show of solidarity with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, October witnessed Allied Wire & Cable transforming its spaces with shades of pink, a powerful symbol of support for those affected by breast cancer. At the heart of our initiative stands "Betty," a robust pink reel, three times sturdier than its conventional counterpart.

This commitment is integral to our broader pledge of giving back, championing causes that truly matter. Betty's pink reels symbolize a steadfast partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, amplifying awareness and support at every turn.

Throughout the month of October, all members of the Allied and our parent company GCG were encouraged to wear pink every Friday, fostering a visible and united expression of support. We captured numerous photos and celebrated the fantastic turnout! The PA office at Allied chose their Betty Table as their backdrop, featuring an actual Betty reel alongside an array of pink breast cancer awareness decorations, pins, stickers, and wristbands.

On October 25th, the Allied team continued extending support for breast cancer survivors through Bake with Betty. This marked the third annual breast cancer bake sale, adding a touch of community spirit to our workplace! Before diving into the delightful treats of Bake with Betty, our team embraced Fridays as Pink Days, fostering a shared commitment to the cause.

Each year, AWC strives to engage every employee in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event brought forth a variety of baked goods, breast cancer-themed decorations, and a strong sense of camaraderie. The inspiring energy that filled our headquarters reflects the generous support of our employees.

Thanks to your backing, Betty 2023 raised over $10,000 for breast cancer awareness and treatment! As we reflect on this success, our sights are set on the continuation of the Betty campaign in 2024. With your sustained support, we're confident that the journey ahead holds even greater promise. Thank you for your support of this meaningful campaign.