Allied Wire and Cable carries a wide range of trailer cables. We have trailer cable options made with four, six, or seven conductors, all of which are available in many different sizes. All of our trailer wire features stranded copper conductors that are color-coded in order to make identification easier. These varying constructions and gauge sizes make our trailer wire able to handle different and more complex electrical signals. Additionally, all of our trailer cables feature a PVC jacket. Additional configurations are also available.

Trailer cable is ideal for use in many applications but is most often used to hitch and tow trailers to trucks or other heavy equipment in order to tow them. Trailer wire supplies power to the brakes, taillights, and other trailer lights, making it integral to the safety system of the trailer. Since these cables are designed for outdoor, heavy-duty use, it is especially important that they are protected against damage. It could be extremely dangerous if this cable failed to power the trailer lights of an attached trailer. Our trailer cable is able to withstand many outdoor elements, including heat, cold, weather, abrasion, grease, and oil.

When towing a piece of heavy equipment, a multi-conductor trailer cable is ideal. Our Trailer Cable is available in gauge sizes 16 AWG to 8 AWG. While the standard jacket material is PVC, other configurations are available. If you need an extremely heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant trailer cable, please contact us. We also offer a wide variety of value-added services and custom cable options to ensure your trailer lights, trailer connectors, and hitches perform accurately in your next towing application.