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Custom Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber-optic cables are most often used for long-distance telecommunication applications and high-speed data connections. These patch cables are available in multimode or single-mode constructions. Patch cables are used to "patch-in" a signal from one patch panel, router, or hub to another. They are also constructed with either a dry loose tube or a gel loose tube. One of the leading uses of fiber optic cables is 5G telecommunications. While 5G is wireless, the new wavelengths that will be opened up need a sophisticated network of updated cell sites.

Connections between remote radio units, baseband units, DAS systems, and everything in between would benefit from a switch to fiber optic riser, plenum, or patch cables. There are varying kinds of fiber optic cables. They can be rated for riser and plenum applications, as well as indoor-outdoor applications. These patch cables can connect signals between routers in many different environmental conditions. At Allied Wire and Cable, we offer both Dry, Gel, and heavy-duty Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies.

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Our Custom Fiber Optic Cable Solution

One Allied Wire and Cable customer needed a fiber-optic patch cable that featured two FEP-insulated copper wires grouped together with a four-fiber multimode, tight-buffered plenum fiber optic cable. This patch cable needed low attenuation and need to meet many specifications. The FEP copper wires supplied power for the application, while the fiber-optic cable carried data that allowed antennas to transmit information at high wavelengths to different patch panels.

Since this patch cable was expected to serve its critical functions in all weather and conditions, this custom-built fiber optic cable assembly had to be strong. The power and fiber components were bundled together under a specially formulated polyurethane (PE) jacket that provided excellent impact strength and resistance to oil, oxidation, ozone, abrasion, and low temperatures. The standard lead time for fiber-optic cables is six to eight weeks, but due to the urgency of our customer’s situation, we were able to turn it into just three weeks.

Our customers know that we can be counted on to understand their circumstances and meet tough time demands while still creating a high-quality cable that would measure up to the standards needed for telecommunications infrastructure. If you need a custom patch cable and are in a bind, we will work with you. Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or Contact Us today!

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