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shielded power cable

Since coaxial cables and power cables serve two separate functions, they are often two separate cables. Coaxial cables are used to send video, data, and audio communications, whereas power cables are used for the transmission of power supply. They are both used in various applications, often at the same time. In some applications, space is limited, so combining multiple cables into a single composite cable is necessary. This is when a custom cable is needed.

Shields provide extra coverage to cables in strenuous environments. They can also give a power cord a higher voltage rating. When a composite cable is used in an application, it is important for it to remain protected so that the application doesn’t lose more than one function if damaged. It is especially important for a custom cable to remain intact to avoid replacement costs.

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Our Custom Shielded Power Cable Solution

One customer who worked in electronic design and contract manufacturing approached Allied Wire and Cable with a design for a custom shielded power cable that they had named a “PowerAx” cable. This customer had previously ordered this power cord from overseas but contacted us when they began having issues with standard U.S. colors, gauge sizes, and specifications. They knew that Allied Wire and Cable was the best supplier to contact state-side because of our knowledgeable sales representatives and impressive lead times.

Custom power cables sometimes come sleeved for protection, but both this customer and their sales rep knew this cable needed more. At first, they considered an aluminum foil shield but decided on something more durable since flexibility wasn't a high priority. This custom composite power cable featured a 10 gauge stranded tinned copper conductor insulated by a yellow PVC jacket. It also had a tin-plated copper braid shield for extra protection against electromagnetic interference. This composite power cord combined the characteristics of both a power and a coaxial cable. It was used in a spark plug application.

Custom composite power cables with shields are ideal for many applications where RFI interference or electromagnetic radiation are a concern. Whether your next application would function better with a single composite cable or has high voltage requirements, we can help. If you already have a design or need help building a custom wire from scratch, our dedicated sales representatives will be with you every step of the way. For more information, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or contact us today.

Send us more specifications for your custom Shielded Power Cable using our Create-a-Cable form in our custom cable design center. 

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