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ul3239 and ul10475

What is UL 3239?

UL 3239 is a hook-up wire with a voltage rating of up to 60kV. It features a single conductor, available in a variety of sizes depending on the conductor material. View the chart below for size ranges and corresponding conductor materials of UL 3239:

UL 3239 Conductor Options
Conductor Material Size Range Notes
Copper 10-24 AWG Can be tinned, silver, or nickel-plated; heat bonded or overcoated
Nickel 10-24 AWG
Aluminum 10-12 AWG Permitted for a 90°C maximum operating temperature
Resistance Wire 20-27 AWG Solid or Stranded
Coated High Strength Copper 10-24 AWG Solid or Stranded; minimum 90% conductivity

The UL3239 wire can have extruded or non-extruded thermoplastic and/or thermosetting insulation. This high-temperature hook-up wire has a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, but depending on the material, UL 3239 can be rated up to 200°C. The voltage is dependent on the size of the cable, with a range up to 60kV, typically found in increments of 5kV. The insulation thickness depends on the voltage rating, resulting in large outer diameters if the voltage of the cable is higher.

What is UL 10475?

A similar high-temperature, high voltage hook up wire is UL 10475. The spec for UL 10475 states the conductor, size 2 AWG to 30 AWG, can be solid or stranded. The insulation can be either PTFE or Silicone Rubber. UL10475 wire is rated up to 200°C and 50kV.

Many manufacturers group these two UL style wires together since the specs overlap. Since UL3239 spec stops at 10 AWG, the spec allows for a similar product to be extended down to 2 AWG as UL 10475. The UL 10475 wire that we carry is made with nickel-plated copper and silicone rubber, which is easy for stripping and has high dielectric strength. Both wires must pass vertical flame tests, and UL3239 must also pass the VW-1 flame test.

These wires are recommended for use in high-temperature electronic devices, like stoves, heaters, furnaces, and dryers. UL 3239 and UL10475 are also good options for applications involving small areas of wiring as well, like in signs, motors, and lighting fixtures.

For more information and to see full UL 3239/10475 specs, visit our UL 3239/10475 page.