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Battery Cable FAQ

What is Battery Cable?

Battery Cable, sometimes called starter cable, is a cable used in the automotive industry for battery circuits and starter grounds. Battery Cables are constructed of a single bare copper conductor and either PVC or XLPE insulation. They come in a wide range of gauge sizes. Allied Wire and Cable offers battery cable from 4/0 AWG to 6 AWG.

What are the different types of Battery Cable?

There are three main types of Battery Cable: STX, SGX, and SGT. All three feature stranded pure copper conductors. SGT Cable is primarily used in starters or ground circuits and features PVC insulation. STX and SGX are suitable for use in battery grounds and automotive starters. STX and SGX both have XLPE insulation, but STX has a thinner wall. STX is also available in fewer AWG sizes. These cross-linked cables are much more resistant to abrasion, heat, and aging than SGT cables. You can learn more about SGX cable specifications here.

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Where can Battery Cable be used?

These cables may be used in battery ground circuits and automotive starters that do not exceed 50 volts. Battery Cables connect a car's battery to its ignition, starter, computer, lights, and other electrical systems. SGX and STX battery cables may be used in temperatures as high as +125°C. SGT wire has a maximum temperature of +105°C.

What is the difference between Welding Cable and Battery Cable?

The main difference between welding cable and battery cable is their flexibility and voltage rating. Welding Cable has a much higher voltage rating of 2000V, whereas battery cable is only rated at 50V. Welding Cable also has a higher strand count, making it much more flexible and easier to use in colder temperatures. You can learn more about the difference between Welding and Battery Cable here.

What kind of Battery Cable does Allied Wire and Cable carry?

We carry SGX, STX, and SGX battery cables. SGX and SGT cables are available from 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG, and STX cable is available from 6 AWG to 2 AWG. All are available in the standard starter cable colors of red and black. However, we offer many value-added services for our automotive wires, including custom printing, striping, and dyeing. Want to learn more about Automotive Wire? Read our FAQs!

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