The M81044 Mil-Spec lead wire exhibits superior electrical characteristics and is a high-temperature lead wire, so it is often used in military applications.

This lead wire is suitable for use in the airframe, avionics, commercial, military vehicle, shipboard, missile, and other electronic applications. Additionally, this dual-layer, lightweight, high-temperature wire offers outstanding performance that makes it suitable for applications where high-density cabling and harnessing are required. This Mil-Spec wire works well even in severe conditions due to its resistance to common chemicals, shrink back, notch propagation, and abrasion.

Both the light and medium wall styles of the M81044 lead wire feature irradiated and extruded cross-linked PVDF insulation and an XL-PVDF jacket. They also have soft annealed, tinned copper conductors and work well where small size is an important factor. M81044 lead wire is easy to process and strip and is flame-retardant and self-extinguishing.

Allied Wire and Cable is pleased to offer customers a variety of lead wire and customization choices, including lead wire that meets military specifications. This lead wire is offered in different gauge sizes, weights, and strandings. Additionally, value-added services are available for most MIL-Spec lead wires. For assistance, please contact your Allied account representative.