What Is Mil-W-81044 Wire?

Military specification M81044 hook-up wire is a lightweight, high-temperature wire primarily used in civil and military avionics, vehicles, marine, and electronic applications. The wire has high-temperature plated copper conductors and thin cross-linked polyalkene insulation covered by a thin jacket made from cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). This wire has excellent chemical, ozone, and temperature resistance. Although originally a military specification, M81044 wire is now managed by the Society of Automotive Engineers under SAE-AS81044. Allied Wire and Cable supplies several types of M81044 wire, indicated by a slash followed by numerals after the main specification number.

M81044 Wire Construction


Depending on the specification, M81044 wires use stranded silver- or tin-plated copper conductors, or in some variants, silver-plated copper alloy conductors. Wire sizes go from 30 American Wire Gauge up to 1/0 AWG. Individual wire strand sizes are from 30 to 25 AWG.


The wire has cross-linked polyalkene insulation. This insulation has minimal shrink back when heated and good resistance to abrasion and notch propagation. This material is compatible with potting, where component manufacturers place the electronic assembly in a mold and fill it with an insulating compound.


M81044 wire has a jacket made from cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride. PVDF is a pure thermoplastic material that’s resistant to chemical corrosion. It's flexible, lightweight, and has good heat resistance.

M81044 Wire Applications

Common applications for M81044 wire include wiring harnesses in avionics, military vehicles, and on ships. It's also used in aerospace and on missiles. Reasons for its popularity in these applications include high-temperature resistance to 150 degrees Celsius, low weight, and compact dimensions. The finished wire has good resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light, ozone, fungus, and radiation.

SAE AS81044 Specification

Although originally a military specification, M81044 wire is now managed by the SAE under the SAE AS81044 specification. In this regard, it shares certain properties with M27500 wire in that many of these wires use the same basic M81044 wire specification.

Similar Cables to M81044 Wire

Because many M27500 wires share the same basic wire specification, there's a significant degree of overlap with M81044 wires, although you should note that M27500 wires generally have a higher temperature rating and many types have a wire braid shield. Another similar wire is Raycom Spec 44 wire. You can use many types of Spec 44 as a direct replacement, while others use different conductor materials, may have a braid, and meet varied temperature ratings.

Mil-W-81044 Specifications

  • Conductors: Stranded tin- or silver-coated copper wires or silver-coated copper alloy
  • Insulation: Cross-linked polyalkene
  • Jacket: Cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride
  • Maximum temperature ratings: 150 C
  • Voltage rating: 600 volts
  • AWG sizes: 30 AWG to 1/0 AWG

M81044 Wire Certifications

  • SAE AS81044
  • Mil-W-81044