Wire & Cable Accessories

Allied Wire and Cable carries an extensive stock of tubing, harnessing, connector, and termination products. Because of our large inventory, we are able to ensure quick turnaround times. Heat shrink tubing, spiral wrap, and sleeving products provide an easy, economical way to insulate, organize, protect, and identify your wire and cable components. If you are searching for an alternative to standard insulation methods, these products should be considered. We also carry a large variety of wire connectors, cable connectors, termination products, and cable ties. All of our electrical connectors are designed for fast connect and disconnect in a wide range of applications.

Additional Accessories

Transform your wires with premium accessories from Empire, our trusted affiliated company. From cable assemblies and cable ties to fork terminals and ring terminals, our innovative solutions ensure a clutter-free and efficient environment. Crafted for durability and ease of use, these cutting-edge products integrate seamlessly into any setting. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to a tidier, more productive space!

Top Items

Alpha Wire’s FIT heat-shrink tubing is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of tubing and harnessing products. Heat-shrink tubing forms a tight mechanical bond over wire and cable, even shielding irregularly shaped materials. Heat-shrink tubing presents an unmatchable solution for the protection of wire and cables from abrasion, corrosion, water, and oil. If you need termination products, we also carry Fork Terminals, Ring Terminals, and Blade and Pin Terminals. Our Bullet Connectors include male and female, vinyl and nylon varieties. Additionally, we also have cable ties, Write on Markers, and Crimping Tools so you can complete your project properly.

Allied Wire & Cable Offers Value-Added Services

We are also industry leaders in custom cable and value-added service manufacturing. Allied Wire and Cable offers a large variety of value-added services, including wire stripping, dying, inkjet printing, extruding, and more. From identification and labeling solutions to packaging solutions, Allied Wire and Cable can go the extra mile to personalize your cable any way you need it. When you choose Allied Wire and Cable, you are choosing a one-stop shop wire and cable supplier.

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Learn the Allied Way

We have been wire and cable experts since 1987 and have gathered a lot of industry knowledge along the way. We plan on sharing this knowledge with you through Allied University. Allied University is designed to keep our customers up to date with industry standards and news. You can find information about individual products, product comparisons, and more! We also have case studies regarding custom cables we have designed for our customers over the years. Since the industry is constantly changing, so is Allied University. Check back often to stay up to date on new information.

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A Proud Authorized Distributor

Allied Wire and Cable not only manufactures high-quality wire and cable. We are also authorized to distribute products from many well-known brands such as Alpha, Belden, General Cable, and more! Because of our long history in the industry, we can help you lock down competitive prices on your favorite name-brand products.

3M Authorized DistributorAlpha Wire Authorized DistributorBelden Cable Authorized DistributorGeneral Cable Authorized DistributorMarmon Aerospace & Defense Authorized Distributor