LMR coax cable connectors are available from Times Microwave in a range of interface types and with a multitude of finishes and attachments. LMR cable connectors are ideal for a large variety of low-loss coax cables, such as LMR 100, LMR 195, LMR 200, LMR 240 and LMR 300. This wide selection of LMR coax cable connectors also includes options for LMR 400, LMR 500, LMR 600, LMR 900, LMR 1200, LMR 1700 and LMR 400-75 coax cable. With male and female LMR connectors available with press fit and spring finger inner contact attachments, These connectors come with a choice of solder or non-solder center pins, and most of them use a crimp outer attachment available in standard hex crimp sizes.

The line of EZ LMR Connectors are some of the easiest connectors to terminate to flexible coaxial cables, with terminations being completed in 30 seconds or less. Consisting of only 2 parts - the crimp tube and the complete connector body - EZ LMR connectors are feature a solderless design making them ideal for field installations where no power or soldering is reuqired or permitted in many cases.