Allied Wire and Cable's Mil-SpecvAerospace Cables are ideal for the most challenging applications. Our catalog of Aerospace cables includes interconnection cables, durable point-to-point wires, industrial cables, high temperature lead wires, RF cables, and circuitry cables. We even have cables that meet Tyco Raychem Specs. These specialty cables are durable and lightweight, making them ideal for military and aerospace industry applications.

Allied Wire and Cable is able to sell Military Wire and Cable at competitive prices because of our strong alliances with major manufacturers. Our entire line of Mil-Spec wire and cable is top of the line. Our Aircraft cables meet many military specifications, including the popular M22759. This high-performance, high-temperature cable meets Raychem Spec 55. It is also chemical, solvent, and moisture resistant.

We also offer M81044, which meets Raychem Spec 44. This dual-wall cable is low smoke and available in high voltage constructions. It is lightweight and small in size, but still extremely reliable. M81044 is ideal for military, aerospace, and offshore platform applications. It is suitable for complex circuitry and high-density cabling. We also offer a version of M81044 that is a high-temperature hook-up wire.

The M85485 Radio Frequency Absorptive Cable is ideal for protecting electrical interconnects from electromagnetic interference. This filterline wire is a military-approved substitute for typical airframe wire. M13777 wire is also ideal for interconnection systems. This cable is especially useful in harsh conditions as it is resistant to kinking.

We offer many other types of Military-Grade Aircraft cable, including M5086, M81381, and M25038. Except for our Raychem Spec 44 cable, the majority of these specialty cables have a voltage rating of 600V. These cables are designed and engineered for optimum performance and life span.

Allied Wire and Cable also provides value-added services for our military wire. These include identification, installation, labeling, and packaging solutions for your convenience. We are also a leader in the manufacturing of custom cables and custom cable design.

Do you have questions about Aerospace Cable? Contact your Allied Wire and Cable account representative or visit our Aerospace Cable FAQ and Mil-Spec Wire FAQ pages.