The M3432 CO Cable is a flexible military cable that is designed to withstand tough environments and rough use encountered in military applications. This cable can handle abuse and remain flexible in both extreme cold and extreme heat. CO Cables are available in Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty constructions that meet UL 62.


Our Heavy and Medium Duty M3432 cables are rated at 600 volts. Our Light Duty M3432 cables are rated at 300 volts. CO Cables are available in semi-flexible, flexible, and extra-flexible versions to meet the needs of different applications. They are also offered in heat-resistant, oil-resistant, shielded, and unshielded constructions.

In addition to the M3432 spec, these cables meet MIL-I-631, MIL-I-3930, MIL-P-24216, MIL-STD-104, MIL-STD-686, FED-STD-228, A-A-59551, L-P-390, and UL 62. CO wires are listed as part of Federal Supply Class 6145.