The M16878, 10603, and M76 wires are part of our extensive stock of Mil-Spec Wire and cable. These hook-up wires are built to withstand challenging environments. Their excellent electrical properties and durable constructions are suitable for use in military applications.

The M16878 hook-up wire meets the demands for tiny measurements, high-temperature resistance, low weight, as well as low fire propagations. This wire is utilized in digital and harness applications in both the armed forces and commercial industries. Our MIL-W-16878 wire passes the UL VW-1 Flame Test and excellently withstands harsh environments.

The 10603 hook-up wire meets the Army Drawing 12293251 requirement, so it is considered an HTXE military wire of special-purpose with double insulation. This wire also has impressive fuel and oil resistance. A major use for this wire is in U.S. Army armored ground vehicles.

The M76 hook-up wire is offered in Types LWP, MWP, and HWP. Each of these types has different constructions, ratings, and uses. Be sure to check individual product spec sheets when choosing which wire is best for you.