Automotive Battery Cable is suitable for use in a variety of applications and is supplied to a number of industries. Battery cable, which is sometimes called starter cable, is designed for use in automotive battery circuits and starter grounds. Allied Wire and Cable offers SGT, STX, and SGX battery cables. All of the automotive battery cables that we carry meet SAE J-1127, Ford, and Chrysler specifications. Our battery cable features bare pure copper conductors and is available in the standard battery circuit colors of black and red. However, other colors are available upon request. We offer 6/0 AWG to 4 AWG battery cables with either PVC or XLPE insulation.

Types of Automotive Battery Cable We Stock

SGT Battery Cable

SGT Battery Cable is ideal for use in starter or battery ground circuits. It features Polyvinylchloride (PVC) insulation and can withstand temperatures of up to 105°C. This type of battery cable has a voltage rating of 50V. It is also available with higher strand counts for applications that require extra flexibility.

STX and SGX Battery Cable

STX and SGX battery cables are ideal for use in automotive starters or battery grounds where resistance to abrasion, heat, and aging is needed. They feature Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. This makes them more suitable for heavy-duty applications than SGT cable. The main difference between these battery cables is the insulation thickness. STX cable has a thinner wall than SGX cable. Both can withstand temperatures of up to 125°C and have a voltage rating of 50V.

Battery Cable Customization

Allied Wire and Cable is a value-added manufacturer and offers many customization services for our Automotive Battery Cable. Value-added services for our battery cable include cut and strip, twisting, printing, dyeing to custom colors, and adding up to three stripes or tracers. We can also help you design a custom battery cable if your next application has special requirements.

Have Questions about Automotive Battery Cable? View our Battery Cable FAQs or watch our All About Battery Cable Video below.