Value-Added Services 


Twisting wires cuts installation time dramatically by allowing wires to lay together well and making them easier to work with. Letting us handle it saves even more time.


To help facilitate your handling and installation process, Allied and group single conductor wires into various multi-conductor configurations. This cuts installation time dramatically. Depending on the AWG size, Allied can group up to fifty conductors.

Twisting entwines multiple wires and arranges them tightly next to each other. Two, three, and even up to eight wires can be twisted together. The process of putting wire ends into a drill and then twisting the wire is one home-spun twisting method still practiced on the production floor. The method will get the job done to some extent, but it will not remove the natural twist in each wire. This means that if the wire is cut into small lengths, it will not stay twisted together. Another problem with the method is the wire acquires dirt and grit on the production floor. The dirt could transfer to the finished product, which could then pose major problems. Twisting using a dedicated wire twisting machine is the only way to get a good lay to the wires.

Wire Twisting and Paralleling

To help facilitate your handling and installation process, Allied has the ability of grouping wire together with our wire-stripping machines. By grouping single or multi-conductor cables into various configurations, installation time is cut down dramatically.

Allied Wire & Cable provides custom wire stripping, custom wire cutting, wire twisting, and other custom services to meet your exact demands. No job is too small or too large.

Curious About Other Services?

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