MG Wire (450°C) is offered in Allied Wire and Cable's extensive catalog of High-Temperature Wire. This lead wire features excellent thermal and flame resistance. When exposed to flames, it produces minimal smoke. MG Cable also offers good chemical resistance.

MG Wire is available following UL 5128, UL 5360, UL 5107, and UL 5359 standards. These products are CSA AWM I A/B rated, and they pass 70,000 BTU/Hr and 210,000 BTU/Hr industry-standard flame tests. This high-temperature lead wire is rated for up to 450ºC and either 300 or 600 volts.


MG Wire (450°C) features nickel-plated copper conductors and glass-reinforced phlogopite mica tapes. An overall fiberglass braid jacket is applied over the insulation and then treated with a high-temperature saturant. This high-temperature lead wire is designed for a wide range of applications, including domestic and commercial ovens, cooking appliances, electrical heaters, and similar high-temperature equipment. MG Cable can be used for equipment wiring in iron mills, steel mills, glass plants, and cement kilns.