Copper Buss Bar is part of our extensive line of Mil-Spec wire products. Other manufacturers, distributors, and users also refer to these same items as Bus Bar. In general, buss bars are made of either copper or aluminum and conduct electricity in electrical distribution applications. Buss bars interconnect electrical apparatuses, which are the loads and sources of electrical power. These include distribution boards, switchboards, generators, transformers, and electrical substations. Our buss bars meet the AA59551 / QQ-W-343 federal specifications for electrical wire.

Tinned Copper Buss Bar was previously specified as Type QQ-W-343, but now falls under the AA59551 Military Specification. The AA59551 buss bar is also recognized as Mil-W-3861 and ASTM-B-33 wire. AA59551 wire is composed of pure electrolytic, soft drawn, solid copper, which is properly annealed and tinned for quick soldering. This QQ-W-343 tinned copper wiring may be used for winding of coils, antennas, point-to-point wiring, and ground wire applications.

Extra Flexible Copper Rope is an uninsulated wire composed of individual strands of soft-drawn, tinned copper. This rope lay wire is designed with bunched stranded members. Our Extra Flexible Copper Rope meets ASTM-B-33 and QQ-W-343 standards.

Our AA59551 / QQ-W-343 Copper Buss Bar products are available in a wide range of AWG sizes to meet the needs of a variety of applications. We offer AA59551 tinned copper bus bar in sizes from 6 AWG to 36 AWG. QQ-W-343 copper rope ranges from 4/0 to 16 AWG.

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