MIL-W-5086 Aircraft Cable is designed to withstand all the challenges of aerospace and military applications. While it is typically the type of cable used in aircraft, this cable is also suitable for applications that require resistance to abrasion, cut-through, impact, chemicals, and fuels.

Our selection of aircraft cable products meets several of the M5086 mil-spec standards as well as the SAE-AS50861 standards. All of these airframe wires are polyvinyl chloride insulated. The PVC insulation in these cables provides resistance to abrasion, among many other things. However, conductor and jacket constructions vary between types. The different materials used in these cables provide many different benefits, including resistance hydraulic fluids, high temperatures, and high voltages. Browse individual slant pages for full specifications.

Our M5086 Type I and Type II cables are suitable for use in airframe point-to-point wiring. They both have 600V ratings and a maximum temperature of +105 ºC. Both types also have tinned copper conductors and nylon jackets. Type II additionally features an impregnated glass braid shield.

Type IV cable has a 3000V voltage rating and a maximum temperature of +105°C. This variation also features a tin-plated copper conductor and a nylon jacket.

Mil-W-5086 Type V and Type VI both feature a PVDF jacket. Both types also have a maximum temperature of 110°C and a 600V rating. However, Type V has a tinned copper conductor, while Type VI features a silver-plated copper conductor.

Type VII carries +105°C and 600V ratings. Much like many other MIL-W-5086 slants, it also features a stranded tinned copper conductor and a nylon jacket.

Don't see the aircraft cable you need? Allied Wire and Cable specializes in custom-made cables with quick turnarounds on small or large runs. We design and engineer our cables to meet even the toughest environmental demands. We also provide value-added services for M5086 and other mil-spec wire, including dyeing, striping, twisting, printing, and braiding.

Have more questions about the M5086 mil-spec wire? Contact your Allied Wire account representative or visit our Aerospace Cable FAQ and Mil-Spec Wire FAQ.