Allied Wire and Cable carries a variety of aerospace wire and cable, including Raychem’s SPEC 55. Common applications for the Tyco Raychem SPEC 55 include industrial aircraft and other applications where a high-temperature rating is required. These high-performance cables are constructed to meet stringent requirements. They are lightweight, small in size, and feature either a single or dual wall construction.

All of these Raychem Spec cables are insulated with crosslinked ETFE insulation. This provides exceptional chemical, solvent, and abrasion resistance. These cables are not susceptible to moisture or UV degradation. They also provide excellent electrical arc track resistance in both wet and dry conditions. All of the cables also have a temperature range of -65°C to +200°C and a voltage rating of 600V. However, these cables have varying conductor, jacket, and shield constructions.

The 55A0111, 55A0112, 55A0113, 55A0114, and 55A0116 Raychem cables come both unjacketed and unshielded. The 55A0814, 55A0813, and 55A0816 Raychem cables feature an XL-ETFE jacket. The 55A0811 and 55A0812 cables feature an XL-ETFE jacket as well, but they also feature a treated aromatic polyamide braid shield. Conductor options include tinned copper, silver-coated high strength copper alloy, silver-coated copper, nickel-coated copper, and nickel-coated high strength copper alloy. These cables are available in many different sizes, from 0 AWG to 30 AWG. Be sure to check individual product pages for full specifications and constructions.

The Raychem SPEC 55 wire crosses directly with the Mil-Spec MIL-W-M22759. This military specification covers lightweight cables with high-temperature resistance and low flame propagation. These durable cables also meet SAE AS22759. They are ideal for any military or commercial aircraft application where abrasion and human safety are a concern.

Allied Wire and Cable is a proud supplier of Mil-Spec Cables. We also carry Boeing Spec Raychem Spec 44, Aerospace Cables, and an extensive catalog of connectors and LMR prep tools. If you cannot find a cable that meets your exact needs, visit our custom cable design center! We specialize in custom and value-added Mil-Spec cables as well.