M22759 and SAE AS22759 wire may be used in commercial or military aircraft where wire applications must adhere to certain restrictions and specifications. Our high-performance wire meets requirements for small dimensions, high-temperature resistance, low weight, and low flame propagation.

M22759 wire is built in strict accordance with military specifications. All Mil-Spec designs exhibit consideration of the need for protection from environmental factors. M22759 wire is designed for the harshest environments and extreme conditions. Their design enables them to be used in military and aerospace applications. For identification purposes, the M22759 airframe wire has a print on the outside of the wire to identify the internal insulation. Our M22759 and SAE AS22759 wire feature fluoropolymer insulation types that create a hard slick coating that provides superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Below is a full listing of our MIL-Spec airframe wire products.

What is SAE AS22759 wire?

SAE AS22759 wire is a fluoropolymer–insulated single-conductor wire that is excellent for a wide variety of military aerospace applications. In consideration of SAE, AS22759 wire is manufactured to meet military specifications, it is also the premier choice for many commercial applications. SAE AS22759 wire boasts high performance and trustworthiness in severe wind and moisture-prone environments which include engine boxes as well as areas that require maximum stability, low smoke emission, and fire resistance, such as aircraft cabins.