Allied Wire and Cable carries a wide range of insulated Kynar and ETFE Wire Wrap products that provide superior abrasion, heat, and cut-through resistance.

Additional Information

What is Kynar?

Kynar is the trademarked name for PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), a resin that can be used to protect metal materials such as wire from numerous hazards.

What is ETFE?

ETFE, also known under the brand name Tefzel, is a fluorine-based plastic called Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. Similar to Kynar/PVDF, Tefzel/ETFE is another material that can be used as wire insulation to protect wires from various corrosive hazards.

What is Kynar and ETFE wrapped wire used for?

UL 1422 Kynar Wrap and UL 1423 Kynar Wrap can be used as lead wires for computers and business machines that will not sustain mechanical damage. MIL-W-81822/3 Kynar Wire is also approved for military, government, or commercial use.

ETFE wrap from Allied Wire can be used as appliance wire and back panel wrapping. It includes UL 1508 ETFE Wire Wrap, UL 1516 Wrap, UL 1523 ETFE Wrap, and MIL-W-81822/13. All of our ETFE is rated to 105°C. Alpha Wire's ETFE wrap is made with OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) conductors and ETFE hook-up wire insulation. OFHC copper is said to retain its mechanical and electrical characteristics even after being subjected to the cable wrapping process. Allied is an Alpha Wire distributor. 

Does Allied offer value added services for their Kynar and ETFE wrapped cable?

Value-added services are available for ETFE Hook-Up Wire and Kynar Wire. Kynar and ETFE Wire Wrap from Allied Wire and Cable may be cut and stripped, twisted, or striped to your specifications.