FR-EPR/XL-CPE Control and Power Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable's Multi-Conductor Industrial Control and Power Cable. This cable has a voltage rating of 600V, but can be constructed to have a 2kV rating if needed. This Industrial Power Cable has flame-resistant Ethylene Propylene Rubber insulation and a Cross-Linked Chlorinated Polyethylene (XL-CPE) jacket. Should you need something different, FR-EPR/XL-CPE Cable is also available with a FR-PVC or Thermoplastic LSZH jacket.

Our  FR-EPR/XL-CPE Control Cable is unshielded and has excellent flame, moisture, and low-temperature resistance, as well as good abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption. These Power Cables are UL 44 and UL type XHHW-2 rated. They are low-voltage and ideal for use in exposed runs in AWG sizes 2 and larger. Both FR-EPR/XL-CPE Control Cable and FR-EPR/XL-CPE Power Cable are rated heavy-duty by ICEA standards and meet cold bend tests at -35°C. They are available in Type TC and TypeTC-ER versions. Both cables have a maximum temperature of 90°C in wet and dry environments.