Mil-Spec Wire & Cable

MIL-Spec wire is the abbreviation for military specification wire. This is the standard used to manufacture specialized wires and cables for the U.S. Department of Defense. In other words, a MIL-Spec cable is assembled in conformity with the United States Military specifications. MIL-Spec wire and cable are applicable for critical military computerized operations and may be used in high-frequency computerized applications where hot temperatures will be the norm. Mil-spec cable is specially produced for the most severe environments. Due to its construction for excess conditions, MIL-Spec wire can be used for an array of purposes, which include: safeguarding and protective housing, airframe cable, point-to-point wiring, antennas, bus-bar, ground wire, and bonding moving parts. MIL-Spec cable performs well in applications requiring absolute-reliability in physical and demanding environments. Depending on the military specification, separate MIL-Spec wires will have different applications for which they function excellently.


Military Specification Wire & Cable

Allied Wire and Cable is an industry-leading manufacturer of military-grade wire and cable. These cables are ideal for high-frequency applications where high temperatures and hazardous environments are a concern.

MIL spec wire and cable, including aircraft cable, marine cable,and more is supplied by AWC to the US government, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon for all their demanding military electronic applications. For high-frequency electronic applications where high temperatures will be encountered, MIL-Spec wiring coated with PTFE has excellent, stable electrical characteristics with low power loss. We are also the vendor of choice for most Military-Spec assembly houses as we stock an extensive inventory of hard-to-locate custom cables for MIL-Spec applications.

Our broad choice of wire, including Mil-Spec Wire, Aircraft Cable, and Aerospace Cable, helps ensure you will find a product for every application and requirement. For example, our Braid Tinned Copper may be used for bonding and connecting moving parts, while MIL-W-16878 performs well in high-temperature electronic applications. Allied Wire’s military cable and aircraft cable may be used for military ground vehicles, airframe point-to-point wiring, shielding and protective covering, and high current applications. Allied also carries a selection of quality aircraft cable and aerospace cable. Our aerospace cable and aircraft cable products include airframe wire and wire that meets Boeing specifications for such cables and other aircraft cable applications. Our Mil-Spec wire, aircraft cable, and aerospace cable are available in numerous styles, sizes, and conductors.

Allied Wire & Cable Offers Value-Added Services for Mil-Spec Wire

Allied Wire & Cable offers a variety of value-added services for mil-spec wire that still keep your wire within specifications. When placing an online order be sure to add a comment about what value-added service you need. You can also call a member of our sales team if you have a question about lead time for value added services on mil-spec wire and cable. A variety of military specific cables come in only a few colors. With value added services from Allied we can stripe dye your wire giving you a custom mil-spec wire or cable without the worry of being outside military specifications due to your wire color requirements.

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Learn More About Military Wire

Being an industry leading a mil-spec wire and cable distributor we have gained a lot of knowledge over the years when it comes to military specific wire applications. Dive into the Allied University where we break down the differences in mil-spec wire vs commercial off the shelf wire. We also cover topics like common applications for mil-spec wire outside of military use and why it matters to you. Military specific wire and cable designations are constantly changing or evolving. Keep an eye on the Allied University for crucial updates to mil-spec requirements and specifications to make sure your order is compliant with current military requirements. We also offer case studies on mil-spec cable and wire applications that a lot of customers utilize when placing custom mil-spec wire orders.

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Allied Wire and Cable not only manufactures high-quality wire and cable. We are also authorized to distribute products from many well-known brands such as Alpha, Belden, General Cable, and more! Because of our long history in the industry, we can help you lock down competitive prices on your favorite name-brand products.

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