The M49055 Ribbon Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of MIL-Spec Wire and Cable. All of these products have undergone strict government-authorized product testing and have been approved for military, government, or civilian use. These special-purpose communication cables meet the Mil-DTL-49055 Military Specification. This specification covers unshielded flat, flexible electrical cables with round conductors. We offer this cable with both stranded and solid conductors.

There are many different insulation types available for this cable. FEP is the most common insulation found in this cable, but we also offer cables with PVC or extruded PVDF to provide extra protection from the harsh external conditions military applications experience. The M49055 Cable is a high-temperature wire with FEP insulation. It offers good chemical resistance and environmental stability. It is also non-combustible and ideal for use in aerospace, ground and shipboard applications. The Mil-C-49055 cable features tinned copper, bare copper, or silver-coated copper conductors. All of the cables featuring a silver-plated copper conductor have a maximum temperature of 200C, making them ideal for applications in strenuous environments.

Ribbon cables are known for their wide, flat construction. This design is ideal for applications requiring cables with minimal bulk and weight. You should consider flat cable for installations where limited space is a concern. Just remember that these cables are not highly flexible so they may only be used in straight-run applications. While Mil-DTL-49055 cables are more flexible than other ribbon cables, they are not suitable to replace flexing cables.

Allied Wire and Cable is dedicated to offering only the highest quality products. Our wide selection of MIL-Spec wire and cable contains the most durable and dependable products available. We offer a wide range of Mil-Spec Aerospace Cables, Shipboard Cables, and Braid and Buss. Additionally, they can all be customized to meet your specific needs.