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Who is Marmon Aerospace & Defense?

Marmon Aerospace & Defense is a manufacturer of wire and cable for the aerospace, military, and marine industries. They were formerly known as PMC Wire and Cable, and have combined with Suprenant® cable brand.

Is Allied Wire and Cable an Authorized Distributor of Marmon Aerospace & Defense products?

Yes! An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Marmon Aerospace & Defense as one of the approved outlets for their products. AWC can provide you with competitive prices for Marmon Aerospace & Defense products.

What products do Marmon Aerospace and Defense manufacture?

They manufacture a wide variety of products for the marine, aerospace, and military industries:

  • Military Wire
  • Aerospace Electrical Wire
  • Aerospace Cable
  • Ground Reinforced Military Wire
  • Silicone Wire Cable
  • Airframe and Avionics cable
  • Shipboard Cable
  • Low-Smoke Cable
  • Cross-Linked Cable

What if I can't find a Marmon Aerospace & Defense product in AWC's Catalog?

Call one of our experienced sales reps at 800-828-9473. They can help you find any Marmon Aerospace & Defense product and offer you a quote.

To learn more about Marmon Aerospace & Defense, visit their website.

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