Heat shrink tubing is ideal for use in a multitude of applications in a number of industries, including the automotive, aviation, and telecommunications industries. As its name indicates, this tubing comes in a size that is larger than is necessary to cover the wire and cable components on which it will be used. Once one applies a certain amount of heat, the tubing shrinks to create a snug fit around those components.

Heat Shrink Tubing Applications

Common uses for heat shrink include strain relief, wire bundling, electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental protection, and component identification. Shrinkable tubing is also a helpful tool to use in temporary or permanent repairs, or for preventative maintenance. Heat shrink is easy to use and flexible, installation is often fast and painless, and the product is aesthetically pleasing on its own and after being applied to equipment. As an added benefit, heat shrink tubing is always a perfect fit and, unlike electrical tape, it will not come off with age or use.

Choosing the Correct Heat Shrink Tubing Size

The two most important things to consider when shopping for shrinkable tubing are the maximum diameter of your cable bundle and the temperature range required by the application. However, another important specification is the shrink ratio. This is the ratio between the tubing’s expanded diameter and recovered diameter, or in other words, the amount the tubing will shrink. Remember, all of Allied wire and Cable's products are alterable to meet your specific needs.

For more information on choosing the right tubing size for your project, watch our “Heat Shrink Tubing How-To” video.

M23053 Heat Shrink Tubing

M23053 heat shrink tubing is ideal when you want to increase the overall durability of a bundle of wires or cables. It encapsulates and protects electrical wires and cables from damaging external elements such as chemicals, corrosion, water, and surface abrasion. M23053 heat shrink tubing is also flexible and offers outstanding heat resistance. Allied Wire and Cable carries M23053 heat shrink tubing from major manufacturers such as Sumitomo and Alpha Wire, along with cost-effective alternatives.

Many of our heat shrink products meet the MIL-Spec requirements for M23053 and are suitable for military use. Products from our MIL-Spec line include M23053/11, M23053/13, M23053/5, M23053/6, and our Kynar M23053/8 option. Many of our heat shrink tubing products are available in RoHS Compliant versions as well.

Questions about Heat Shrink? Visit our Heat Shrink Tubing FAQ page for answers to some commonly asked questions.