Allied Wire and Cable offers coaxial cable from renowned brands like Alpha Wire Company and Belden in a variety of configurations to help meet your needs. Coaxial cables differ in many ways— flexibilities, shielding, weight, operating voltages and temperatures, and electric parameters. Many types of RG coax cables' jackets are available for the cable's protection as well. Specific RG coax cable types perform better than others for certain applications, so be sure to match the correct wire with your specific requirements. Contact Us and the experts in our sales department will be glad to help with any questions you may have about the right coaxial cable for your next application.

Additional Information

What is coaxial cable?

Coaxial cables, also known as coax cables or RG cord, are data cables that are used to send communication and radio frequency signals for numerous applications and industries. Coaxial cables are available in a wide variety of constructions to a wide range of specifications. Electrical resistance, or ohms, are the most common classification that coaxial cables share. Coaxial cables are most commonly found to have resistance ratings of 50, 60, 75, or 93 ohms. Each ohm rating creates different features and intended applications for the coaxial cable.

What types of coaxial cable does Allied Wire & Cable stock?

Allied Wire & Cable carries a multitude of coaxial cables to meet all your data processing needs. We carry premium RG Coax and M17 Coaxial Cables from leading cable manufacturers such as Alpha Wire Company and Belden Cable. Allied Wire & Cable also offers numerous bulk coaxial cable options, including triaxial, twinaxial, low-loss coax cable, low-noise coax, high-voltage coaxial cable, and high-temperature coaxial cables. Our online catalog provides a full listing of part numbers and coaxial cables designed and engineered for the transmission of high-frequency signals.

Does Allied Wire & Cable offer custom coaxial cable?

At Allied, we not only distribute Alpha Wire Company RG coaxial cable products, but we also manufacture custom coaxial cables to your exact specifications through our design services department. Our custom coaxial cables can eliminate the challenges associated with uncommon wire and cable requirements. The experts in our sales department are glad to help with any questions you may have about Alpha Wire Company, Belden Cable, or any other manufacturer of coaxial cables and can assist you in developing unique coaxial cables by Allied Wire. Allied Wire and Cable offers free design services, low order minimums, and quick-turnarounds for custom coax cables, built to your exact specifications. To learn more about custom coax from Allied, visit our Custom Cable Center.

Are there similar alternatives to coaxial cable?

Allied Wire also stocks Coaxial Ribbon Cable, found in the Data and Computer Cables section of our online catalog.

Where can I learn more about coaxial cable?

Because coax cables are available in such a wide range of materials and constructions, you may not know where to start if you're unsure of the RG number you need. For a quick overview of some of our most popular coaxial cable options, watch our RG Coaxial Cable videos on YouTube.

Have questions about Coaxial Cables? Click here to visit our Coaxial Cables FAQ page, or browse one of our many educational resources around coaxial cable at Allied University: