What Is RG401 Coax Cable?

RG401 is a 50-ohm nominal impedance coaxial cable with good high-frequency power handling capabilities. Originally developed for military communications, RG401 has a silver-coated copper conductor, solid polytetrafluoroethylene dielectric, and a semi-rigid copper tube outer conductor. The cable has a 3,000-volt rating. Main applications include high-frequency signal transmission for wireless communications, radar, and microwave. The cable is similar to the M17/129-RG401 military specification cable and has 18 GHz capabilities. The solid outer tube provides 100% radio frequency shielding.

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  • RG 401
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    • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
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RG401 Coaxial Cable Applications:

Primary applications for RG401 coaxial cables are for high-frequency radio transmission up to 18 GHz. The coaxial cable has good power handling capabilities. At 1 GHz, the maximum power rating is 1400 watts, and at 10 GHz, it is approximately 350 watts. The maximum voltage rating is 3,000 volts. The solid outer conductor means you can bury this cable directly in the ground.

RG401 Coaxial Cable Construction:


The inner conductor is a solid 0.064-inch diameter silver-plated copper wire.


RG401 has a low-loss solid PTFE dielectric with an outside diameter of 0.215 inches. The solid dielectric helps center the conductor and minimizes standing wave interference, especially when bending the coaxial cable.


The shield or outer conductor is a solid copper tube with a wall thickness of approximately 0.02 inches and an outside diameter of a quarter of an inch (0.25 inches). The outer shield is a semi-rigid material and has a maximum bend radius of 0.25 inches.

Similar Coaxial cables

RG401 50-ohm coaxial cables belong to a family of high-frequency, high-power coaxial cables with different types of jackets approved for direct burial in the ground. These include:

  • MIL-Spec M17/129-RG401 Coaxial Cable: A mechanically similar cable manufactured to strict M17/129-RG401 military specifications with an ability to comply with the requirements of the 18 GHz swept frequency test.
  • RG 316 Coaxial Cable: A 3 GHz rated coaxial cable, RG316 has a maximum voltage rating of 1,200 volts.
  • RG 400 Coaxial Cable: RG400 cable has a maximum temperature rating of 200 degrees Celsius, a maximum frequency of 12.4 GHz, and a maximum usable voltage of 1,900 volts RMS.
  • RG402 Coaxial Cable: RG402 coaxial cable has a similar construction to RG401, except that it has a slightly smaller outer diameter, a maximum frequency range of 20 GHz, and a voltage rating of 2,500 volts.

RG401 Coaxial Cable Specifications:

  • Conductor: Silver-coated, solid copper conductor with a diameter of 0.064 inches
  • Dielectric: Solid PTFE dielectric with a diameter of 0.215 inches
  • Shield: Solid copper tube with a wall thickness of approximately 0.02 inches and an outer diameter of 0.25 inches
  • Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms
  • Nominal capacitance: Approximately 29.6 picofarads per foot
  • Maximum voltage: 3,000 volts
  • Temperature range: From 100 C to -55 C
  • Maximum Frequency: 18 GHz
  • RF shielding: 100%
  • Maximum one-time bend radius: 0.25 inches

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