What is RG214 Coax Cable?

The RG214 coax cable is a favored type of coax cable used for high-frequency signal transmissions. It is constructed with a stranded, silver-plated inner conductor, polyethylene dielectric, two silver-plated copper outer conductors, and a PVC jacket. The jacket allows for resistance against several environmental factors including abrasion and moisture. Additionally, the cable’s shielding prevents electrical interference giving the cable an excellent and consistent current. RG214 coax cable's Mil-Spec equivalent is M17/75-RG214. This coax cable is used in telecommunications, data transmission, radio frequency communication, broadcast, and computer applications. It is used to connect wireless and data communication systems that require high signal sequences and low attenuation, as well as in test leads and quality installations requiring low PIM and cross talk. The RG214 coax cable is also popular with radio frequency and microwave transmission in LAN networks and instrumentation or control applications.

Cable Construction Specifications
Frequency & Attentuation Chart
Cable Loss and other Electrical Characteristics

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    • Approx LBS/MFT: 138.00
    • Cond. Material: Silver-Coated Copper
    • Conductor Stranding: 7/0.030
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Cable Construction Specifications:

  • Conductor: 12.5 AWG 7 stands/.030" Silver Coated Copper
  • Conductor Diameter: 0.089"
  • Dielectric: Solid Polyethylene, color natural
  • Dielectic Diameter: 0.285"
  • Shield 1: 96% Silver Plated Copper Braid
  • Shield 1 Diameter: 0.313"
  • Shield 2: 98% Silver Plated Copper Braid
  • Shield 2 Diameter: 0.341"
  • Jacket: PVC (Non-Contaminating) Type IIA per MIL-C-17
  • Jacket OD: 0.425"
  • Jacket Wall: 0.042"
  • Jacket Color: Black

Frequency & Attentuation Chart

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (Max. db/100ft)









SRL (Max db/100ft) Value

1.0 GHz

3.0 GHz

5.0 GHz

11.0 GHz





Cable Loss and other Electrical Characteristics

  • Impedance: 50 +/-2 ohms
  • Capacitance: 32.2 pF/Ft. max
  • Conductor Resistance (Max./100ft) 0.17
  • Velocity of Propagation: 66%


  Video Transcript :

Looking for a coaxial cable with a high voltage rating, low attenuation, and great high frequency signal transmission? RG 214 coaxial cable could be right for you. It is made with a stranded silver-coated copper conductor, polyethylene insulation, a double silver-coated copper braid shield, and a PVC jacket. It also meets mil spec M17/75-RG214. This coaxial cable is often used in computer, radio frequency, data transmission, broadcast, and telecommunications applications. RG214 cable is easily matched to transmitter antennas and may also be used in a variety of instrumentation and control applications. For more information on these parts and others, or to submit orders and RFQs online, visit www.awcwire.com.