Allied Wire and Cable supplies halogen-free data cables for a variety of signal transmission applications. These cables are often used in data transmission applications where safety and performance are crucial and fire hazards are a concern. Our halogen-free data cables are a high-performing, cleaner, safer alternative to regular data cables.

This improved type of cable is produced without the extremely reactive Halogen-family elements of Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, and Astatine. These elements, although normally quite stable, will create toxic and corrosive fumes when burned. The smoke created by burning halogenated products is so dangerous to human health that many governments are moving to introduce stricter halogen cable regulations. In response, more and more manufacturers are making the switch to halogen-free options.

Halogen-free cables also offer the added benefit of being more environmentally-friendly than their halogenated counterparts. Non-halogenated cables produce drastically lower levels of carbon monoxide – sometimes as much as 360% lower carbon output – and they produce less smoke overall. In today's world, your company's environmental impact is a pressing issue.

Our Halogen Free Control Cables are great for use in control panels, such as in transporting systems and can be moved without difficulty for adjustments and inspections. Halogen-free cables are perfect for use in situations where performance, reliability, and safety are of the highest importance. For example, high-occupancy, moving applications like commuter rails.