The MIL-DTL-24643 Shipboard Cable is part of our extensive line of Mil-Spec Wire & Cable. Unlike the other two Mil-Spec shipboard cables we carry, this cable is designed with a low smoke, zero halogen jacket. This cable is flame-retardant and free of asbestos, mercury, and other potentially toxic materials. If this cable were to come into contact with flame, there would be minimal smoke emissions, making it safe for use in applications where human safety is a concern. The M24643 Shipboard Cable also meets the Navy Shipboard Specification LS. This cable is available in a wide variety of constructions, including watertight and non-watertight, flexing and non-flexing, and armored and unarmored.

All M24643 cables are approximately equivalent in size, weight, and electrical components to many of the MIL-C-915 constructions available. These cables feature either Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) or Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. These insulation materials make them suitable for long-term use in challenging applications. All of these cables, except for our two Defense Link™ options, feature a Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH) Cross-linked Polyolefin (XLPO) jacket. Armored cables feature braided aluminum armor. There are also many shielding options, including overall shields and individually shielded conductors. The varying constructions make them suitable for use in power, control, lighting, electronic, communication, instrumentation, and degaussing applications.

Each type of MIL-DTL-24643 shipboard cable is given a title that begins with the letters LS, for "Low Smoke". Some of these types then have a variant carrying an "A" on the end, which indicates that it is armored. It may also have an "S" on the end to indicate that it is shielded. When either of these variants is not present, a "U" may be added to the end of the MIL-DTL-24643 specification to indicate that it is the unarmored/unshielded version. For example, MIL-DTL-24643/18 represents LSMSCU, which is the unarmored/unshielded version. Also in the specification is LSMSCA, the aluminum armored variant, and LSMSCS, the tinned copper shielded variant.

For more information on the MIL-C-24643 Mil-Spec, you can check out our article that explains it here. Don't see a cable that will meet your needs? Contact us today!