We carry all of our wire and cable products in large and small quantities to meet the needs of your unique requirements. We are a value-added manufacturer that specializes in custom cable. LMR-200 Low Loss Coaxial Cable is available in a variety of constructions and jacket materials. Each individual product category provides unique benefits and features. Flexible Low Loss Cable offers the tightest bend radius of any similar cable product while the UltraFlex Communications Cable can withstand continuous bend and flex movement. These cables are ideal for small cell applications in the 5G industry.

Our large selection of LMR Low Loss Coaxial Cable also includes the Lite option— a lightweight cable with a lower cost— as well as the LMR 75 Ohm Video Cable, which are used in CCTV, CATV, broadband, and other video applications. While the majority of the LMR Loss Loss Cables offer outstanding weatherability (and even 10-20 years of outdoor service life), the Low Loss Plenum Cable is designed specifically for indoor use in Plenum spaces.