LMR-LLPL Plenum Cables are flexible, highly fire-retardant coax cables that are intended for indoor runs within return air handling plenums. These locations would include dropped ceilings and raised floors. Allied carries only high-quality products that have passed any necessary industry testing. Our stock of LMR-LLPL cable is industry-approved with a UL/NEC rating of CMP and a CSA rating of FT6.

The wide variety of benefits offered by LMR-LLPL Low Loss Plenum Cable include the tightest bend radius of similar cables, the lowest loss of any flexible cable available, and increased RF shielding (50 dB more than a typical single-shielded coax cable).

LMR-LLPL cables generally come with an orange FRPVC jacket and are designed for indoor Plenum applications; they are not suitable for outdoor exposure. However, the black-jacketed versions can be used in applications that begin outside, such as a rooftop, and subsequently, enter a building.

Like all of our wire and cable products, Allied Wire stocks LMR-LLPL Plenum Cable in both large and small quantities in order to meet the unique requirements of your application. All of our wire and cable is available for customization as needed. AWC is a value-added manufacturer and distributor.