LMR® Flexible Low Loss Coaxial Cable is part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of Coaxial Cable. This cable is manufactured by Times Microwave, but Allied Wire and Cable is an authorized distributor. We can offer great pricing and same-day shipping on LMR cable and connectors. This series of Low Loss Coax contains cables for whatever your needs may be: indoor, outdoor, riser, plenum, and video applications.

Each of the LMR Flexible Coax Cable has unique benefits that are perfect for your needs. The LMR 100 cable is a suitable replacement for RG316 cable and RG174 cable, as LMR 100 uses standard connectors. LMR 400 coax is ideal for short antenna feeder runs. Another option, LMR 900 cable can be used for jumper assemblies for 1 5/8" and 2 1/4" feeders.

Allied also carries a full selection of LMR coax connectors to go along with your LMR cable purchase.