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What is CIC Cable?

Cable In Conduit (CIC) cable is often chosen for its one-step installation and the high level of physical protection it provides wiring. CIC is electrical wiring pre-installed in conduit tubing. Because it is pre-installed, you save the time and labor involved in pulling the cable through the conduit yourself.

Conduit Tubing Basics

Conduit is available in a variety of materials to match the needs of any application. It provides a high degree of mechanical protection and can be used underground or in other hazardous environments. Conduit defends against destructive rodents, moisture, damage caused by shifting rocks and roots, and much more.

Conduit tubing makes wire and cable more resistant to environmental damage. It can be made liquid-tight or with a split down the middle for easier access to a wire or cable. 

Application Uses

Common applications include airport and roadway lighting, irrigation systems, broadband, energy distribution, and other commercial, industrial, or agricultural applications where extreme environmental protection is necessary.

Conduit tubing is also commonly used in raceways systems. Raceways are circular, steel tubes used to steer wires and cables, often fiber-optic, in certain directions. CIC can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial appliances.

Allied Wire and Cable supply cable in conduit for all of your most challenging applications.

Learn more about Belden CIC cables from Allied and request a quote today.