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custom computer cable

As technology advances, cable and wire have to be constantly updated to keep up with new application needs. Data communications cables have especially become more vital to the effectiveness of new applications, and are required to be extremely flexible with very small cross-sections. Proper shielding is just as important as noise rejection is necessary for computer applications to function.

Computer cables are typically used in Ethernet, networking, computer, and control systems. They are even sometimes combined with a power supply cable in composite constructions. Computer cables are available in a wide variety of constructions: single and multi-conductor, low-capacitance, multi-paired, shielded, and unshielded. Despite all of these options, it may be hard to find a proper cable for new and innovative applications. In some cases, a custom cable is required.

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Our Custom Computer Cable Solution

An Allied Wire and Cable customer that designed flight simulators knew standard wire wouldn’t meet all of the requirements needed for their newest application. After studying different wire and cable parts independently, the customer worked with a sales representative to find cables with the same properties and fully design a new cable. They needed a computer cable that ran alongside a power supply cable, so it needed to be easy to install.

Our sales representative communicated with the customer multiple times in order to fully understand the requirements of the cable and designed the perfect solution. Since there are multiple constructions of computer cables, we worked closely with the customer to guarantee this cable’s longevity. This custom-sleeved cable was 20 AWG with two tinned copper conductors, a braided copper shield, and a gray PVC jacket. The cable's sleeving had the company's name printed on it.

This customer was extremely pleased with our design process, appreciating our ability to help manufacture their own design. If you know your next application requires a custom cable and already have a design in mind, our custom cable experts can help. Visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started today.