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plastic tubing

What is Plastic Tubing?

Plastic tubing is a type of tubing that gets wrapped around wire and cable when required. It is constructed of different plastic compounds that can make it either flexible or rigid. Plastic tubing can protect wire and cable from environmental damage, as well as make organization and installation easier.

What are some factors to consider when purchasing Plastic Tubing?

The most important things to consider when shopping for any sort of tubing include tube diameter, wall thickness, temperature range, application use, material, flexibility, and overall tubing features. Different applications require different qualities so remember to look closely at spec sheets. If you have any questions, your knowledgeable sales representative can help clarify.

What kinds of Plastic Tubing do Allied Wire and Cable offer?

We carry two kinds of non-shrinkable, plastic tubing: Fractional Wall Plastic Tubing and P105 PVS Plastic Tubing.

What are some of the benefits of Fractional Wall Plastic Tubing?

Because of the materials used in its construction, Fractional Wall Plastic Tubing is an FDA Approved Vinyl Tubing. This product is popular and mostly used because it is non-aging, non-oxidizing, transparent, and flexible. Allied Wire and Cable carries RoHS compliant versions of Fractional Wall Plastic Tubing.

In what applications can I use P105 PVC Plastic Tubing?

P105 PVC Plastic Tubing is an all-purpose tubing product. P105 PVC Plastic Tubing may be used for general-purpose, aerospace, automotive, medical, marine, and general chemical applications.

What other kinds of tubing does Allied Wire and Cable carry?

Along with plastic tubing, we also offer a variety of heat shrink tubing, spiral wrap, and conduit tubing.