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qpl approval

What is QPL Approval?

The Qualified Products List (QPL) is mandated by the United States’ Department of Defense. The QPL list identifies products that have been pre-tested and proven to follow required specifications before procurement.

Before obtaining QPL Approval, a supplier must submit a sample product for testing. Because QPL materials are most often used in demanding applications where performance quality is critical, these cables must meet stringent requirements. When a product has QPL approval, buyers can be confident in the quality of the wire or cable for use in their applications. A product having QPL approval also eliminates the need for any additional testing or documentation after the product is purchased.

What is the Difference Between QPL and Non-QPL Wire and Cable?

Non-QPL material tends to be cheaper in price, but QPL approved material usually offers better quality and a longer lifespan. A non-QPL product may also have to be subjected to other various tests before being safely used in an application, especially in the defense and aerospace markets.

Qualified Products Lists are generally used by the military, local governments, state departments, and federal agencies. If you work for an organization that uses Qualified Products Lists and buys QPL wire and cable, you will find a high-quality cable that is guaranteed to meet the required industry standards without having to worry about further testing. This can save you and your organization time and money.

Allied Wire and Cable is now QPL approved for manufacturing M27500 cable in accordance with WC27500-2012. Build your own M27500 cable with Allied Wire and Cable’s NEMA WC 27500 Part Number Builder, or browse our online catalog of MIL-C-27500 Cables.