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What is Sleeving?

Sleeving is a wire and cable management solution. Sleeving goes over single or multiple cables in order to either protect the wire and cable or to keep them organized.

How many types of Sleeving are there?

There are many types of sleeving, but the two most commonly requested styles are polyester expandable sleeving and fiberglass sleeving. High-temperature ceramic braided sleeving and expandable braided sleeving are also popular products. Allied Wire and Cable offers various styles of expandable and fiberglass sleeving.

What is Expandable Sleeving?

Polyester expandable sleeving serves as an alternative to heat shrink tubing. Unlike heat shrink tubing, sleeving does not shrink. Instead, it conveniently adjusts to fit over wire and cable. It is largely used when a cable requires extra protection from its environment.

What are some of the benefits of using Expandable Sleeving rather than Heat Shrink Tubing?

Expandable sleeving is more convenient since it does not require the time, effort, or tools necessary for heat shrinking. It is designed to fit well over wire and cable without any alterations. Additionally, sleeving products typically cost less than heat shrink tubing.

What applications is Fiberglass Sleeving best for?

Fiberglass sleeving is intended for high-temperature applications. Heat-treated fiberglass sleeving is designed for applications up to 1200ºF. Vinyl-coated is designed for applications up to 130ºC, acrylic-coated may be used up to 155ºC, and silicone-coated is intended for applications up to 200ºC.

How do you use Expandable Braided Sleeving?

Like other types of sleeving, simply push the expandable braided sleeving over fittings in order to expand its size. The expandable sleeving then forms a tight-fitting cover that adjusts to all shapes and contours.