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custom coil cord

Because of their spiral shape, coiled cables (also referred to as retractile cables) are helpful in many industries. They are commonly used as mechanical keyboard cables or in use with other instruments. However, their flexibility makes them useful in any application with flexibility or space concerns. The spring-like shape that they have makes the wires stretch and retract easily, as well as make them less likely to get tangled. When a cable comes pre-coiled, it leaves them less susceptible to cracking after use. Sometimes a regular cable doesn't do the job, so a custom coil cord is needed.

Our Custom Coiled Cable Solution

One food distribution company was having issues with a cable connecting its temperature probes, so they approached Allied Wire and Cable to design a custom cable. Temperature probes are used to regulate the temperature of boxcars and shipping palettes to ensure food safety. Operators must regularly plug a cord into the temperature gauge and insert the probe end into a palette to read its temperature.

With their current temperature probes, too much movement would cause the cord to detach from the gauge, ruining the equipment. Allied Wire and Cable’s sales team was able to work closely with this client and helped them design a custom coiled cable that allowed for more movement.

The custom coil cord was also paired with special connectors so that if the cord was pulled from the gauge, no damage would be done to the equipment. Along with being a coiled cord, this cable was designed with a higher strand count and different jacket material, making it much more flexible than the previous cord.

This custom cable made the temperature probes easier to use. It also saved the distributor money that would otherwise be spent on repairing or replacing equipment. If you need to replace a cable that is causing more issues than solutions, visit our Custom Cable Design Center and start the design process now. Have questions? Visit our Custom Cable FAQ page.