clarkson university sae team

Clarkson University’s Zero-Emission Snowmobile SAE Team Update


Last month you read how Allied Wire & Cable helped the Clarkson University Zero Emission Snowmobile SAE Team prepare for the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The challenge took place at Michigan Technical Institute in Houghton, MI. Allied’s contribution has greatly helped the Clarkson Electric Knights reach their goal of placing in the top three at the 2017 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.

We are happy to report that The Electric Knights placed 2nd overall. This ranking has been their personal best since 2010. The Zero Emission category at the Clean Snowmobile Challenge consisted of twelve events that took place from March 6th - 11th 2017. The events were listed as follows: Design Paper, Static Display, MSRP Report, Subjective Handling, Range, Oral Presentation, Noise, Draw Bar Pull, Cold Start, Vehicle Weight, Objective Handling, and Acceleration Under Load. At this year’s competition, the Electric Knights took 1st place in both the cold start event and drawbar pull. They had a max pull of 627 lbs and a vehicle weight of 858 lbs. The team also finished with the fastest time (55.16 seconds) in the objective handling event. The acceleration under load event requires one snowmobile to pull another snowmobile 400 feet as quickly as possible.  The Electric Knight’s sled finished in 1.29 seconds right after the 21.27 seconds of the winner. 

Unfortunately, The Electric Knights ran into some complications with their battery pack leaving them unable to finish the noise and range events. However, this was the first year The Electric - Knight competed in all events since 2011. Allied could not be more proud of the accomplishment from Clarkson’s Electric Knights. Job well done to everyone involved!

Clarkson University's SAE Team Car