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What are Type E, Type EE, and Type ET Wires?

Type E, Type EE, and Type ET are all PTFE hook-up wires. They are all NEMA HP 3 types. They also coincide with three different MIL-W-16878 slants: M16878/4, M16878/5, and M16878/6. When comparing the spec sheets for these three wires, it's easy to see they share a lot of similarities.

All three Mil-Spec wires feature a silver-plated copper conductor and extruded PTFE insulation. They all have a temperature range of -60°C to +200°C as well. The PTFE insulation in these wires provides high resistance to ultra-violet radiation, stress, chemicals, and mold growth. It also provides a smaller, lighter construction compared to hook up and lead wire with other insulation types. They also have excellent resistance to thermal aging, solder damage, flame, and moisture. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions. While Type E Wire is the most popular, all three are ideal for high frequency and high-temperature applications.

The main difference between the three wires is the insulation wall thickness. This leads to varying voltage ratings as well. They also meet different UL Styles.

Type E Wire Type EE Wire Type ET Wire
Nom. Insul. Thickness (in.) .010" .015" .006"
Voltage Rating 600 1000 250
UL Style 1213 1180 1371

M16878/6 Type ET Wire has the thinnest insulation of all three, and in turn, the lowest voltage rating. While PTFE is a generally tough material, this wire shouldn't be used in abrasive environments where mechanical stress is a concern. M16878/5 Type EE Wire has the thickest insulation of the three. M16878/4 Type E Wire has an insulation thickness that is in between Type E and Type EE, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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While all three wires follow the Mil-W-16878 specification, they also follow the NEMA HP 3 standard for PTFE insulation wire. The NEMA HP standard has technically replaced the M16878 Mil-Spec, but the M16878 slants are still widely used in the industry. All three wires are currently listed under our M16878 catalog. We offer all three wires with both stranded and solid conductors. Gauge sizes for these wires range from 32 AWG to 4 AWG, ensuring we have the perfect wire for your next application. Have more questions about M16878? You can read our article on it here.

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