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type p cable

What is Type P Cable?

The oil, gas, and petrochemical industry is of vital importance around the globe. It produces not just the energy we need to fuel our society, but also the materials for other modern-day essentials like plastics and pharmaceuticals. These resources, extracted through drilling, can be both difficult and dangerous to obtain.

Professionals in all fields look for sturdy wire and cable solutions to meet their needs, but few industries require the level of durability that is so critical in drilling operations. That’s where Type P cable comes in—a hardy oil rig cable that is up to the challenge.

Onshore and offshore drilling rigs have their own unique demands, but both environments are especially harsh. All cables used in drilling applications must be able to withstand perpetual vibration and mechanical stress, but some sites will require greater resistance to oil and mud or salt corrosion.

Cabling may also be required to endure extremely high or low temperatures. A rugged marine wire, Type P cable is specially designed to satisfy the demands of oil and gas drilling applications. It must comply with strict regulations; an inadequate piece of equipment is not just a hindrance to productivity, it is a serious hazard.

The IEEE 11580 specification covers all single and multi-conductor Type P cables intended for use on marine vessels, as well as fixed and floating offshore facilities. Cables under this standard are rated 300 V to 35 kV. Many of these cables also meet other industry standards, such as CSA, UL, and IEC.

Type P is typically constructed with Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyolefin insulation and is also often jacketed with CPE, increasing its resistance to sun, flame, chemicals, and oil. High strand counts can make the cable more flexible and resistant to vibration. Type P cable is available in armored and unarmored versions. Armored cable with a bronze braid construction offers 88 percent minimum coverage. Popular Type P brands are Polyrad by General Cable and Exane by RSCC.

Selections of Type P Cable

Type P power, control, and signal cables from brands you trust:

  • General Cable (Polyrad)
  • Draka (Bostrig)
  • RSCC (Exane)
  • Belden (Marine Tuff)
  • JS Cables (Enerflex)
  • Nexans (Gexol-Amercable)
  • CME Wire (Drilmar)
  • and more

Available in a wide range of constructions:

  • TYPE P VFD IEEE 1580 UL1309 CSA
  • Power, Control, and signal cables, ranging from 20awg to 1111MCM
  • Conductors/Pairs: Single conductor, multi-conductor, multi-paired
  • Shielding: Shielded and unshielded; individual and overall screened
  • Armor: unarmored, aluminum, tinned copper, and bronze armored constructions available
  • Voltage: 300, 600/1000 volts, and 2KV
  • Industry Approvals: Cables available with ABS, Coast Guard, Lloyds, and/or DNV approvals

For more information, check out the Type P cable selection available through Allied Wire and Cable. Just remember that what you see on the website is only a sampling— if you don’t see what you’re looking for, email [email protected] to be connected with a knowledgeable account representative.