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lmr cable

Times Microwave LMR cables are a type of specialty low loss coaxial cable that can be used in any wireless system application. This type of coax cable is popular because it is much more flexible than corrugated coaxial cables and usually has less signal loss than radio guide (RG) coax cables.

Like other coax cables, LMR cables are used to send audio, video, and data signals. They are best known for their low loss qualities and are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and plenum applications. Instead of having a stranded copper conductor like regular coaxial cables, LMR cables use a single oxygen-free copper-plated aluminum alloy. Despite the many benefits of LMR cables, some applications require a custom-made cable to meet all specifications.

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Our Custom LMR Cable Solution

One customer in the electric utility industry came to Allied Wire and Cable for help with designing a custom cable. This customer knew a custom cable was required for their application and knew some of the requirements needed. However, they did not know how to proceed with the design process, especially with the Times Microwave LMR products. Luckily for them, our sales representatives are experts at custom cable designing.

This custom coax cable would be used for a dual-purpose (cellular/GPS) antenna. It required two LMR 195 cables under the same jacket. The LMR 195 cables also needed to be UV-rated. With the help of one of our custom design experts, the customer was able to design a custom LMR cable with a black PVC jacket and rod-type fillers to keep the cable round. It was especially important for this 50-ohm cable to be durable and low loss since it served two purposes. The size of the cable was important for the application as well, and even with the fillers ended up with an outer diameter of only 0.45.

If a custom-made cable is needed for your next application, Allied Wire and Cable can help. We carry an extensive stock of Times Microwave LMR cables, including the popular LMR 240 and LMR 400 cables. Our LMR 400 cables meet many specifications– even MSHA-P for mining operations. Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or Contact Us to get started designing your next custom cable.